About us


The Duncan Academy
Inspiring Lifelong Learners through Academic Success



The Duncan Academy (TDA) is an Ontario Private high school.The school has been issued the BSID number (667206) and is listed on the Ontario Ministry of Education website.The school has the authority to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.When students have successfully completed 30  credit courses, of which 18 will be mandatory courses perscribed by Ontario Ministry of Education,students will receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  


Founded in 2005, The Duncan Academy is a private high school for both foreign and local students in Toronto. The Duncan Academy provides a homestay program  to help students find living accommodations when they arrive in Canada to ensure students have a safe and stable environment while they study.The school's guidance staff will provide students with information about course selection,thus allowing students plan a pathway toward post seconday studies at a Canadian or foreign University.


Promoting Lifelong Learning with International School Services


TDA's staff and teachers are dedicated to offering students the best education available, emphasizing English language proficiency. We design our education services to equip all students with the knowledge and skills required to lead productive lives in the 21st century. Our goal is to inspire lifelong learners through academic success and overall enjoyment in learning.


We will offer:

  • Regular day time High school credit courses for Grades 9-12 students toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma

  • After school credit courses

  • Summer credit courses

  • English summer camps

  • Tutoring

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Tutoring on all subjects available

  • TOEFL, IELTS preparation courses

  • Language centre