Students Achievement


Canadian Euclid Math Competition 2015/16




The Duncan Academy would like to congratulate all of the students who participated in the Canadian Open and Senior Mathematics Competitions this year–a high proportion of our students were recognized for their efforts and achievement in the competitions, with ……. distinctions and …….. honours. TDA placed ………………………. in high-school rankings in Ontario now.








The Duncan Academy Achievement list [2015]


JianfengChen (Andrew)                                       UTMississauga / UT Scarborough / UT Downtown

Sicheng Mao(David)                                              UTMississauga / UT Scarborough

Zhenfei Qian (Chris)                                                 UTMississauga / UT Scarborough / McMaster University

                                                                                  Western University / Laurier University

JunmingLiu (Peter)                                                    UTMississauga

Shufan Yu                                                                    UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga

Junxue Huang(Chunhok)                                         UTMississauga / University of Ottawa

Qing Lu (Jacob)                                                       UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga

Shiyi Wu (Michelle)                                                      UT Mississauga

Xiongfeng Dai (John)                                              UT Scarborough

Yuxuan Lou (Jackie)                                               University of Guelph / University of Waterloo

Hongxi Chen (Jerry)                                                York University / UT Downtown / UT Scarborough

YuhaoXue (Michael)                                                 University of Guelph / UT Scarborough

Cunsen Bi (Jack)                                                        York University / UT Mississauga

Yupei Chen (Tiffany)                                                Western University / Wilfrid Laurier University

                                                                                     McMaster University / UT Mississauga / UT Downtown / UT Scarborough

Yuhua Yang (Ryan)                                                  Western University / UT Mississauga

Haoliang He (Hao)                                                    University of Waterloo

Peilin Huang (Plum)                                                  UT Mississauga / UT Scarborough

Yilun Wang (Arren)                                                      UT Mississauga / UT Scarborough

Meiyi Li (Nicole)                                                           University of Waterloo / UT Mississauga

Xihe Huang (Leo)                                                      UT Mississauga

Shuo Wang (Chris)                                                    UT Mississauga / University of Guelph

Jingwen Yuan (Yolanda)                                          UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga

Yawei Dong                                                               UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga

MingpengXie (Peng)                                                McMaster University / UT Scarborough

                                                                                    Laurier University / Ryerson University

MingliangXie (Brighter)                                              UT Downtown

Sixiang Huang (Sihong)                                           Ryerson University / UT Scarborough / York University

YouzhiXie (David)                                                    UT Mississauga / McMaster University / University of Guelph

Siya Zhou (Katherire)                                              UT Scarborough / Queen University / Ryerson University

Yunkai Xia (Clark)                                                      UT Mississauga / UT Downtown

Zhuoda Zhang (Ryan)                                              Queen University / McMaster University

Bowen Shi (Count)                                                    UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga / Wilfrid Laurier University

Haoyang Song (Chris)                                              UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga

Jiahao Yin (Yin)                                                        York University

Xiongfeng Dai (John)                                                UT Scarborough

Fang Zou (Mandy)                                                     UT Scarborough / UT Mississauga / Ottawa University

Chenxi Wang (TB)                                                         UT Mississauga / UT Scarborough

Zihao Qin (Martin)                                                         UT Scarborough / York University

Shengquan Zhang (Simon)                                        UT Mississauga

Changjun Ma (Steven)                                               UT Mississauga / UT Scarborough

Bolun Zhang (Jeremy)                                                   UT Mississauga / York University